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Your project

Project need 

Please provide further detail of how you have determined the need for your project and what evidence you have to demonstrate both the steps taken to identify the need (such as consultation with local groups), and data and statistics to support this need. For example:

There is currently very little structured football activity for girls in the Gateshead area. There are three teams aimed at older girls aged 16 years and over but there is very little for girls in the junior age groups. A number of parents have approached us about junior girl’s football and as a result we have a waiting list of girls keen to take part in the project. 


Please describe how you plan to continue with the project/activity after the grant has finished. You should think about: 

  • Income generation – e.g. fundraising, sponsorship, membership fees, player subs etc.
  • Retention of volunteers.
  • Exit Routes (where can players move on to when they leave the club in order to continue with playing).


The Football Foundation has produced a Sustainability Toolkit that you might find useful in this section.

Please note, it is essential that sustainability is considered from the beginning of the project.

For example: The new teams will be supported through income generated from player subscriptions and membership fees as well as fundraising events held by the club such as annual tournaments. 

Volunteers will have the opportunity to complete coaching qualifications and will be supported by existing experienced coaches at the club during their first season and beyond as necessary. 

The new teams will move up through the age groups to establish a complete player pathway and links will be made with senior and open age teams in the local area to provide exit routes and progression pathways. 


Links with local schools

If your organisation has a close working relationship with any local schools please list them. For example, if the local primary school signposts children to your organisation. 

Links with other local clubs

If your organisation has links with other clubs, perhaps in the form of exit routes or progression pathways for players, please list them. 

Links with other partners

If your organisation has links with any other partners that will be involved in the delivery of this project please list them. For example: Your local council may be looking to increase volunteering and work opportunities (new coaches, new skills) and you are working together on this element of the project.

Recruitment of players 

Use this section to explain how you intend to promote and publicise the new activities and how you intend to recruit new players. For example:

Publicity and promotion - We will print leaflets and posters advertising the new activity and distribute these amongst local schools, youth clubs and community sports facilities. 

Recruitment of new players – We plan to deliver a taster session in local schools to initially engage with potential new players and will follow this up with an open recruitment day during the summer holidays. Young people will have the opportunity to take part in coaching sessions and other activities to build their confidence and encourage them to join the new teams. 

The Football Foundation has produced a Marketing and PR Toolkit that you might find useful in this section.

New teams

When putting your project plan together you need to consider two things:

  1. How many new teams you plan to establish.
  2. When you plan to start those new teams. 


You will receive £1,500 per team you create. The length of the grant will be determined by when these teams are started. If all the teams are being created in year one, you will receive a two year grant. If teams are being created in both year one and year two, you will receive a three year grant. You cannot start new teams in year three through this project.

Please note, you must establish a minimum of one new team which must commence in the 2018-2019 season. 

In order to safeguard the sustainability of these new teams, you create no more than four teams over a two or three year period.