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3. Decision process

3. Decision process

Decision process

When you submit your online Application form, you will be sent an automated email saying that it has been successfully submitted.

Providing all the required information has been provided, your application will be logged and you will be sent an email from our administration team saying that your application will be going forward for assessment.

Once submitted to the Football Foundation all applications will be sent to the relevant County Football Association (CFA), who will do an initial assessment based on local need and regional priorities. The application will then be assessed by the Foundation, which will consider the CFA assessment. We will then present a report of every project to the Foundation's Chief Executive, who has delegated authority on behalf of our Board of Trustees, for consideration and approval.

If successful you will be asked to submit an online acceptance and claim form through Grantshot. Claims will not be processed until all the Terms and Conditions of the award have been met. 

As part of the Terms and Conditions of the grant, you will be required to complete any monitoring sent by the Football Foundation regarding the project.