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6. Measuring success

6. Measuring success

Measuring success

Once your project is up and running, we are keen to know what success your project is having in meeting the aims and objectives as outlined in your application. This allows us to have a clear understanding if the grants we awarded are delivering what they set out to achieve, and also enables us to measure the overall impact of the Foundation.

It is also good practice for you to have a clear idea of the success of your project, as this helps you to identify areas that you could improve on and highlight those areas that you have been successful in. As such, we recommend that you set up appropriate monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems to allow you to do this and help aid the development of your project.   

As part of your claim process, you will be required to complete a monitoring and evaluation survey at the end of each of season of your project.

The online survey consists of a number of targeted questions around new teams, new players and coaching qualifications that have taken place in the preceding season of your project. It also allows you to indicate the sustainability of your project and provide qualitative information about key areas of the project in greater detail.  

The reason for you supplying this information is two-fold; firstly, it will allow your Investment Programme Manager to ensure your project is progressing satisfactorily against the aims of your application, and secondly, it will provide the data that forms a detailed study each year of how the scheme is performing, and any areas that can be improved upon.

The survey asks for information about how the grant has helped your club to promote new activity during the previous season. As such, it is important that you are prepared to report back to us the following information:

  • Teams - Details of new teams your club has created as a result of the grant
  • Players - The numbers of new players participating in the teams above
  • Coaches - Details of coaches that help to run and support the newly created teams
  • Coaching qualifications – Detailing the number of courses your coaches have participated in, vital in ensuring the sustainability of your team once the grant has finished


The information you provide is used to demonstrate to our funders (the Premier League, FA, and Government, via Sport England) that the projects we fund are making a positive impact, which in turn helps us to make a case for continued funding in the future.  Your data provided is collated and analysed to produce various reports, enables the identification of notable trends and helps us to learn lessons from projects we have funded. It also allows us to see how your project is achieving against your original targets.

At the end of every year, the Foundation produces an annual M&E Report which outlines in detail the impact that funded projects have made in that year. The information you provide is crucial is enabling us to produce this report, and allow us to show the impact that Foundation funding has achieved. 



  • The Foundation contacts all projects asking for the current M&E contact 
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  • Each contact is emailed with details about how to complete the survey 
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  • Deadline for all surveys to be completed (four weeks from when we contact you) 



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