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5. Opening of the project

5. Opening of the project

Opening of the project

Now that you have been awarded a Grow the Game grant, it's time to let everyone know about your funding. Remember to send your acceptance form back to us before publicising the grant.

Here is a simple guide to help make sure that you have everything you need to publicise your grant.

If at any point you need help please email us at events@footballfoundation.org.uk with your contact details and we will be more than happy to help go through everything directly with you.

In order to publicise your grant we recommend that you issue a press release.

Writing and distributing a press release can be one of the most effective ways of letting people in your community know about your grant. We know that it can be very hard to write a press release on your own so we have attached a template which includes all the criteria needed to produce a successful press release.

Once you have completed your press release please return it to our Events Team for approval before it is sent out to your local press. Once it has been approved you can issue it to relevant media or we can help with this if needed.

Please note that any material you publish in relation to your grant must carry the Football Foundation logo and any reference you make to it in the media and other outlets at any time must acknowledge the investments by the Foundation. You can download our logo and guidelines at any time, but you must get prior permission from our Events Team before printing any material that contains the Foundation's logo.

Please find and download our corporate guidelines and logo. It is very important that our guidelines are followed and our brand applied consistently.

The Football Foundation's brand marks have been specially drawn and must not be re-created or altered in any way. The primary version of the brand mark should be used wherever possible. To download our logo or corporate guidelines just click on the title.

Should you wish to use the Football Foundation logo, please send your artwork to Niall Malone for approval first.

05 Football Foundation Full Colour SPOT Logo (EPS)

05 Football Foundation Full Colour SPOT Logo (EPS)
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Created: 11 December 2008
Last Modified: 25 October 2011

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