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Changing pavilion/clubhouse refurbishment and external works

Changing pavilion/clubhouse refurbishment and external works

The Premier League and The FA Facilities Fund Small Grants Scheme will consider grant applications for small works that enhance the facilities of the applicant’s site, address health and safety issues, and improve the long-term sustainability of the organisation by reducing operating costs, increasing income streams, and maintaining or increasing participation in football.


We ideally require a condition survey or inspection report recommending the scope of works to be undertaken. If this is not available, other justification for the works will be required, such as photographic evidence.

We will require specifications and/or drawings, clearly detailing the scope of the proposed works. Works should comply with Football Foundation minimum design requirements, unless otherwise agreed in writing.  Further details and data sheets can be found in the 'Technical guidance' section of the Application page.

Planning permission may be required for the works. If it is unclear whether this is a requirement, we will require confirmation of planning permission, or written confirmation from the local planning authority that planning permission is not required. Further information regarding planning permission can be found at:


Building Regulations approval may be required for the works. If so, upon completion of the works we will require a final certificate from the Local Building Control Officer (or Approved Inspector), confirming that the Building Regulations have been complied with. Further information regarding the Building Regulations can be found at:


The statutory fees payable for securing planning permission and Building Regulations approval may be included as an eligible cost of the project. Professional fees for design and management services are also eligible costs.

Routine maintenance works such as unblocking drains, minor roof repairs, repainting, or replacement floor coverings would not be considered eligible as individual projects. However, if these works formed part of a larger refurbishment project they may be considered eligible.

Upon completion of the project, we will require copies of mechanical and electrical test certificates for all works to electrical, fire alarm, heating and hot water installation works prior to the release of the final 5% of the grant.

If you do not own the freehold for the site, we will require written confirmation of the landlord's consent to undertake the proposed works.

Documents required

In order for your application to be processed, you will need the following documents:

  • Photographs of the existing building/external works
  • Condition survey of existing building, if required
  • Plans/drawings of the existing building configuration and as proposed
  • Specification / Schedule of works
  • A minimum of two like-for-like quotations, based upon the design details and specification
  • Planning approval notice, if applicable
  • Landlord’s consent to the works, if applicable.