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7. Claims

7. Claims

Throughout the build process we encourage the club to make regular claims for the grant. Upon receipt of a claim form and supporting documents or invoices, the Football Foundation will make payment based upon the percentage given in the offer letter. This will continue until 95% of the grant has been released. The final 5% will be withheld until we have completed a site visit and received all completion information appropriate to the project.

Claims will not be processed until all of the Terms and Conditions of the award have been met.

General information

  • We will endeavour to process claims within 28 working days of receipt of your claim form, providing all the relevant paperwork is received.
  • The original signed claim form, not a photocopy, must be submitted.
  • Claims are paid in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of your award.
  • Claims can be made at any time during the construction of the facility.
  • On reaching 95% of the award the remaining 5% will be paid on receipt of the certificate of practical completion and any other relevant documentation.  Where the grant is less than £20,000 we may accept alternative forms of evidence such as copies of bank statements and receipted invoices.
  • We may also require a site inspection.


Payment will be made by BACS transfer. Please ensure that we have your correct bank details.

You can monitor the progress of your claims through Grantshot.

Sending us your claims

Completed claim forms and enclosures should be returned to:

The Football Foundation
10 Eastbourne Terrace
W2 6LG


If you would like any assistance in claiming your money please contact one of our Finance Officers on 0345 345 4555. Please have your reference number available when you get through to an Officer.

Terms and Conditions of Grant