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Sustainability toolkit
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Sustainability Toolkit

Sustainability is a word you probably hear a lot when it comes to planning, managing and delivering projects and services but you may not know how to achieve it or indeed, what it actually means in real terms.

This guide has been designed to provide an introduction to some of the key areas to consider when planning the longer term sustainability of a project or organisation.

The information is aimed at grassroots clubs and voluntary sector organisations that may be coming to the end of a period of grant funding and are approaching sustainability for the first time, or are looking for some additional tips and advice for planning the future of projects, services and the wider organisation.

This guide will help you start developing a sustainability plan by introducing a number of different topics to consider, along with additional resources to allow you to follow up in more detail.

The layout allows you to pick and choose which topics you feel are most relevant and therefore you can jump around from topic to topic picking out the information you feel is most helpful to your project and organisation.