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The Impact of our Facility grants

The Impact of our Facility grants


In order to ensure that every pound invested achieves the greatest possible impact, the Football Foundation asks each facility that we fund to submit annual participation reports. The information that is provided can then be collated to show how many people around the country benefit from using a Foundation funded facility and how the facilities are used throughout the year.

Audit results

Social Audit Nework
  • As part of the Foundation’s commitment to robust M&E, the Social Audit Network was enlisted to undertake an independent audit, checking that the approved process to determine participation had been followed, the corresponding calculations were correct and the headline results – as detailed in this section – were accurate. The statement below outlines their findings:  
  • The Social Audit Network (SAN) has examined the data submitted and audited a 10% sample agreed by SAN as a reasonable and representative sample. The whole data set was provided by Football Foundation and the 10% sample was selected randomly. SAN is satisfied that, given the size of the sample, the accuracy of the data provided by the participating organisations and the limitations of time available, the information is free from material mis-statement and presents a fair and balanced view of the performance of the Football Foundation on the data provided by the participating organisations. The full audit statement can be obtained by contacting Nick Dunnett by email on: Nick.Dunnett@footballfoundation.org.uk. The audit was carried out by a trained and experienced social accountant and has been approved by an experienced SAN trained social auditor.