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Football Foundation Briefing - August 2015

Football Foundation Quarterly Briefing - August 2015

Date published: 05/08/2015

Quarterly Briefing from the Football Foundation

Foundation celebrates 15th anniversary with £1.3bn of grassroots investment

Please find our Summer 2015 investment briefing below for your interest.

This details the total grassroots investment delivered by the Football Foundation since 2000 on behalf of our core Funding Partners, the Premier League, The FA, and the Government / Sport England, on whose behalf we deliver the Premier League & The FA Facilities Fund).  It also details facility investment programmes that we deliver on behalf of other organisations, such as Barclays and the Mayor of London/GLA.  Nationally we have awarded £532m worth of grants and substantially multiplied this by using it to leverage a further £740m in partnership funding, totalling more than £1.27bn of investment.  This means a 6:1 return has been achieved for each of our Funding Partners for every £1 they invest through the Football Foundation model.

We have broken down how this investment translates into facilities on the ground, and it is also broken down by County FA region (with whom we work closely to deliver the investment.)

By targeting this investment into where it is most needed and will have greatest impact, facilities that we invested in last season recorded an average increase in football participation of 11%; and an average increase across all sports of 25.8%.

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