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Leicester City Ladies FC continue to Grow the Game

Leicester City Ladies FC continue to Grow the Game

Date published: 30 July 2012

Press release


Local girls and youngsters with a disability in Leicesterwill be putting on their boots following a £5,000 Grow the Game grant, from the Football Foundation, the country’s largest sports charity.

The grant will allow Leicester City Ladies FC to develop two new girls teams over the next three years at Under-9 and Under-10 level as well as a mixed disability Under-12 team. The grant will also enable the club to offer over 20 football courses to budding football coaches, who will then be recruited by the club.

The core objective of the Football Foundation’s Grow the Game programme is to increase participation and enable more people to play our national game through supporting the development of grassroots clubs. The programme is delivered in partnership with all of the 46 County FAs and funded by The FA and Government.

So far Grow the Game has awarded 894 separate grants worth £4,354,926 to grassroots football clubs. Analysis of the monitoring and evaluation so far predicts that this will result in the creation of 3,716 brand new football teams competing in FA-affiliated leagues, 70,489 new players participating each week and 14,111 new qualifications or courses being completed.

The key strength of Grow the Game is that its participation increases are sustainable rather than transient. Its grants create a solid infrastructure of teams and newly-trained coaches in which new people can start playing the sport, rather than simply providing temporary activity sessions, which are then vulnerable to drops in participation once the programme ends.

The Football Foundation is the country’s largest sports charity, launched in 2000 and funded by the Premier League, The FA, and the Government (via Sport England). Since then it has awarded around 8,000 grants worth more than £420m towards improving grassroots sport, which it has used to attract additional partnership funding of over £520m.

Sue Foulkes, Club Secretary, said: “It is a fantastic opportunity for the club to continue to develop new teams for girls and youngsters with a disability. The Football Foundation grant is brilliant for the club. This financial support will ensure that we continue to create new teams and opportunities for people to get involved and will also allow us also to educate new volunteers.

“This will ensure, as an FA Charter Standard Community Club, we always have qualified coaching staff delivering football to our youngsters.”

Paul Thorogood, Chief Executive of the Football Foundation, said: “I congratulate Leicester City Ladies Football Club for receiving this Grow the Game grant, which will increase sport participation and support football development in the region. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Leicestershire and Rutland County FA for their help in making this happen.

“The new teams and players generated by the Grow the Game scheme, since its launch three years ago, will go a long way towards helping The FA to achieve its growth target of 150,000 new participants by 2013. It is also helping government and Sport England get more people engaging in regular sport.

“The Football Foundation is committed – with funding provided by the Premier League, The FA and Government – to improve grassroots community sporting provision and help make this legacy vision a reality.”

For more information about the work the Football Foundation is doing all over the country visit www.footballfoundation.org.uk or follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/FootballFoundtn.

For more information contact:

  • Mary Rudkin, Inclusive Development Officer at Leicester City Ladies FC, on 07752 746229 or maryrudkin24_@hotmail.com

  • Website: www.lclfc.co.uk or Follow on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LeicesterCityLadies
  • Harriet Drudge on 0845 345 4555 ext 4274 or harriet.drudge@footballfoundation.org.uk.


"It is a fantastic opportunity for the club to continue to develop new teams for girls and youngsters with a disability. The Football Foundation grant is brilliant for the club."

Sue Foulkes, Club Secretary, Leicester City Ladies FC

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