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New BMX track to open in Wrexham

New BMX track to open in Wrexham

Date published: 06 June 2013

Press release

Ponciau 2

Resurfacing work on a popular BMX track in Wrexham has been completed in time for the school holidays.

The resurfacing at Ponciau Banks BMX Bike Track became possible following a grant of £11,260 awarded to Wrexham County Borough Council by Barclays Spaces for Sports.  The renewed track will mean that sessions led by professional coaches will be able to continue throughout the summer holidays, running every Tuesday from the 23rd July.  The sessions can attract over 50 riders a day during the holidays and include practical bike maintenance workshops and BMX training sessions for young riders.

The Barclays Spaces for Sports programme is part of Barclays’ community investment strategy and is one of the ways the bank supports the communities in which it operates.

Councillor Bob Dutton, Lead Member − Environment and Transport, from Wrexham County Borough Council said, “I’m really pleased that with the help of Barclays Spaces for Sports, a scheme which also provided £50,000 to build the track in 2006, we have been able to invest in resurfacing works here at Ponciau Banks. This has enabled us to offer a fantastic summer programme of activity and a sustainable track surface, which will really benefit the local community.”

The sustainability funding that the Ponciau Banks site has received from Barclays Spaces for Sports is part of a UK-wide Sustainability Strategy launched in 2011. The Sustainability Strategy demonstrates Barclays’ commitment to ensuring all of the 200 community sports sites that it has built with partners the Football Foundation, have a long-term future and remain manageable for local volunteers and organisations to run.

A Barclays spokesman said, “We are delighted that the resurfacing of the track at Ponciau Banks BMX Track will allow for an extensive programme of activity and ensure the long-term sustainability of the site. This additional funding that Wrexham County Borough Council has received outlines the positive effect the programme has in local communities”

The partnership between Barclays Spaces for Sports and The Football Foundation won Sponsorship / Partnership of the Year at the 2012 Football Business Awards and sees one of the largest corporate banks in the world joining forces with the nation’s largest sports charity to help provide opportunities for communities to engage, learn and develop through sport.

Barclays Spaces for Sports uses sport to revitalise disadvantaged communities and tackle key social issues by helping young people develop a range of life and employment skills. It is part of Barclays community investment programme and wider Citizenship agenda.  

To get involved with one of the summer BMX training sessions at the newly resurfaced Ponciau Banks BMX track, email Park Ranger Brena John at Brena.John@wrexham.gov.uk. Sessions are charged at £3 each.


"This [the grant] has enabled us to offer a fantastic summer programme of activity and a sustainable track surface, which will really benefit the local community."

Councillor Bob Dutton, Wrexham County Borough Council

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