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Barclays invest more into local Pompey sport
The large multi-sport community site, Bransbury Park, where the Respect Programme is based
The large multi-sport community site, Bransbury Park, where the Respect Programme are based The large multi-sport community site, Bransbury Park, where the Respect Programme is based
Press release

A community sports site in Portsmouth is celebrating after the news that it is to receive a major funding boost from Barclays Spaces for Sports.

£24,000 has been awarded to the Portsmouth FC Flagship site, Bransbury Park, which is one of the 200 community sports sites built as part of the Barclays Spaces for Sports (BS4S) programme. The grant will ensure the popular site can continue with its highly successful social inclusion programmes as well as run a wider range of sporting sessions.

The funding demonstrates Barclays commitment to ensure that all of its community sports sites have a long-term future and remain manageable for local volunteers and authorities to run.

Barclays Spaces for Sports is a global community sports programme which uses the positive power of sport to revitalise disadvantaged communities as well as to tackle key social issues. Launched in 2004 in partnership with the Football Foundation, the Barclays Spaces for Sports sites attract 53,000 users per week in the UK.

The sustainability grant that the Portsmouth Sports and Education Foundation has been awarded for the Bransbury Park site follows a previous development grant from BS4S in 2007 worth £600,000. The initial grant funded the large multi-sport community site which allowed the Respect Programme to run its highly successful social inclusion projects. The Respect Programme deliver sports sessions and education opportunities enabling young people to develop interests, gain qualifications and acquire new skills.

However, club and sports development has been lower than anticipated and a lack of formal management of the Bransbury Park site has meant that despite the excellent playing facilities available, they are significantly under used by sports clubs.

The BS4S grant will fund a Community Sports Coordinator who will be based at the site and help overcome these issues with a particular focus on club and sports development. The coordinator will look to form partnerships with National Governing Bodies, and provide regular sports activity at Bransbury Park by organising and delivering taster sessions for young people in a range of sports.

Julian Wadsworth MBE, Respect Programme Manager, Pompey Sports and Education Foundation said: “The Respect Programme team are extremely grateful for the recent grant from Barclays Spaces for Sports which will increase sports participation and long term sustainability at the Bransbury Park site.

“We currently work with over 700 young people per week through our Social Inclusion delivery projects and this grant allows us to develop more diverse sports development opportunities to young people in a historic year of sporting events.”

Kirk Harrison, head of Barclays Spaces for Sports, added: “A key part of our commitment at Barclays Spaces for Sports is to deliver a lasting legacy to communities through the use of our sites. We’ve been working closely with the Football Foundation throughout the programme to achieve this and the additional funding the Bransbury Park site has received is an example of our commitment to our projects and the local communities.”

The partnership between Barclays and the Football Foundation sees one of the largest corporate banks in the world joining forces with one of the leading UK sports charities to help provide opportunities for communities to engage, learn and develop through sport.


Notes to editor
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• Abigail Cockayne, Football Foundation PR & Communications Officer, 0845 345 4555 ext 4225 or Abigail.Cockayne@footballfoundation.org.uk 
Barclays Spaces for Sports 
• Barclays Spaces for Sports is a community sports programme which uses the positive power of sport to revitalise disadvantaged communities as well as to tackle key social issues.  Using sport as the platform, Barclays Spaces for Sports engages communities to deliver an important range of life skills. The programme is part of Barclays’ Global Community Investment strategy and has made significant investments both in the UK and internationally.  In the UK Barclays has delivered 200 physical sports sites across many disadvantaged areas through a successful partnership with the Football Foundation.  These sites are used by over 53,000 people every week with participation, not sporting excellence, being the key ethos.   
• In 2008 the programme began to invest in innovative sport-for-development initiatives around the world, and to date 12 projects have been launched in China, Hong Kong, India, South Africa, Spain, the UK, the US, Zambia and Zimbabwe.  Barclays has invested over £37m in the Spaces for Sports programme which represents the largest ever investment in grassroots sport by a private sector company in the UK. 
• To find out more please visit www.barclays.com/spacesforsports 
Football Foundation 
• Funded by the Premier League, The Football Association, Sport England and the Government, the Football Foundation is the nation’s largest sports charity. Since it was launched in 2000, the Foundation has awarded around 8,000 grants worth more than £420m towards improving grassroots sport, which it has used to attract additional partnership funding of over £520m. 
• For more details visit www.footballfoundation.org.uk