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Storage containers

Storage containers

The provision of storage containers is a simple cost-effective way of increasing your storage capacity for equipment, and perhaps freeing up space within your site for better uses.


To apply for storage containers through this scheme you will need to justify why you require the additional storage capacity.

We will only fund the purchase of new or fully refurbished storage containers, which are supplied with a minimum 12 month warranty. We will not fund the cost of rented or leased storage containers.

The replacement of existing storage containers that have reached the end of their useful life will be considered for funding, subject to justification of need.

Planning permission may be required for the installation of a storage container. We will require confirmation of planning permission, or written confirmation from the local planning authority that planning permission is not required and this should be determined before your application is submitted.

Further information regarding planning permission can be found at:


The statutory fees payable for securing planning permission may be included as an eligible cost to the project.

If you do not own the freehold for the site, we will require written confirmation of the landlord's consent to undertake the proposed works.

We will require written confirmation that the storage container and its contents will be fully insured.

Documents required

In order for your application to be processed, you will need the following documents:

  • Two like-for-like quotations (‘Like-for-like’ means comparable quotations from different suppliers for the same piece of equipment)
  • A marked-up drawing or aerial photograph of the site, indicating the location of the proposed storage container
  • If a previously owned storage container is to be purchased, a copy of the warranty is required.
  • Planning approval notice, if applicable
  • Landlord’s consent to the works, if applicable.