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Football Foundation
Football Foundation
Respect Equipment can be ordered with a 50% grant.


Last year, the Respect equipment scheme helped to expose more than 500 clubs, 7,100 teams and 110,000 players to the Respect message. This year, we’re looking to go even further.

With a new focus on positivity, through a new campaign – “We Only Do Positive” – which focuses on parents and coaches, The FA and Football Foundation aim to ensure that all grassroots footballers are able to play in a safe, fun and inclusive environment. 

Independent research carried out for The FA shows that 90% of young footballers say they play better with positive encouragement. The refreshed equipment scheme forms a key part of the new Respect campaign, helping to promote a positive training and match day environment.

Clubs, leagues and County FAs are able to apply for a voucher which offers them a 75% discount on Respect packs while stocks last.

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